With Mitas agricultural tyres you are `fit for your job`. With application-specific tyre treads in the most common dimensions, your tractor can be equipped for every type of work.

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RD-01 - The new-generation of standard tyres in radial construction.

With a large pressure footprint, the RD-01 protects the ground on fields and grassland. It is characterised by a low level of ground pressure, high load-bearing capacity, as well as outstanding traction. Its flexible sidewalls guarantee a high level of comfort.

RD-02 - The economical low-profile wide tyre with high traction force.

The 70% low-profile tyre will convince you with its high tread bar, its excellent traction-force transfer and high level of comfort with low ground pressure footprint. Good driving performance and efficiency make it a dependable partner on the land and on the road.
RD-03 - The new 65 Series low aspect ratio drive wheel tyre for high-performance tractors up to 200 hp

In the field of 65% low aspect ratio tyres, we have introduced the MITAS RD-03 radial tyre. This tyre is approved for speeds up to 65 km/h (40 mph) and thanks to its excellent performance characteristics, it represents a new alternative for farmers.

TD-02 - The traction classic.

With its enormous traction force, the TD-02 is recommended for demanding universal employment in the agricultural and industrial sector. The cross-ply tyre has very good self-cleansing and quiet-running characteristics through optimised tread structuring.

AR-01 - The all-round tyre for fast driving on and off-road.

The radial-ply tyre in all-steel design is particularly robust and with its low rolling resistance enables enormous fuel economies, as well as high comfort, with speeds up to 80 km/h. It is outstandingly suited for all fast-driving, self-loading forage wagons and trailers.

AR-02 - The gentle flotation tyre for high load-bearing capacities.

The new generation of flotation tyre will convince you with its high load-bearing capacities and speeds and is suitable for use with all fast-driving, self-loading forage wagons and trailers. With its large air volume, the AR-02 radial-ply tyre guarantees excellent ground protection with high levels of traction. Its special tread design guarantees low rolling resistance and high efficiency through low slippage.