Continental agricultural tyres stand for Mobility for Agriculture - on field, grassland and road, they are at home everywhere. We provide you with tyres for all applications in modern agriculture in our premium brand Continental range.

Continental agricultural tyres convince by

  • high driving comfort and low wear
  • high traction and best ground protection
  • outstanding trackholding and protecting the plants.

For technical details please download the technical databook

SuperVolumeTyre - The volume tyre for very high load capacities and maximum comfort

Super-wide, super-strong, super-gentle and super-comfortable!
The SVT is an innovative agricultural tyre with an extremely large air volume for high-performance tractors > 180 PS and harvesters, which has been developed to satisfy the highest demands on traction, load-bearing capacity, ground care and comfort.

ContiContract AC 85 - The modern all-rounder for everyday use in all applications.

With its large ground contact area the ContiContract AC 85 goes gentle on field and grassland providing high traction thanks to many lugs and deep tread.

AC 75 - The new all-round benchmark in the 70 Series wide tyre segment with high load capacities

The AC 75 sets new standards in the 70 Series wide tyre segment. This all-rounder is a wide tyre with a 75% aspect ratio and thanks to its high load capacities ...

ContiContract AC 65 - The smooth touch for a tough day

With its large ground contact area, flexible sidewall and optimised tread lug arrangement this tyre is the first choice for practitioners with a wide range of applications.

ContiContract AC 70 G - The benchmark for on-road comfort and gentle grassland operation

With wide, flat tread lugs the AC 70 G is running with low vibration on the road and goes gentle on grassland. Thanks to good suspension and absorption it makes long transportation rides simply comfortable.

ContiContract AC 70 T - The tractive force for increased returns

This traction tyre among the wide base tyres is developed for heavy field work. Its high tread lugs mean very good transmission of tractive forces, while the flexible casing ensure that the tyre is particularly gentle on the ground.

SuperVolumeTyre / ContiContract AC 70 H - The solution for maximum demands at harvest time

SVT and AC 70 H are recommended for self-propelled harvesters. These super wide base tyres offer very high load capacities, thanks to their extremely high volume of air. Their large ground contact area avoids damage to the soil structure.

Cultivation Tyres ContiContract AC85 / AC90 C - Good trackholding for cultivating crop rows

Tall and slim, they work within narrow tracks without damaging the plants and thanks to their enormous outer diameter, they can handle heavy machines.